Binance Solana AMA Quiz Answers [100% Score]

Binance Solana AMA Quiz Answers

Looking for Binance Solana AMA Quiz Answers? If yes, then you’ve come to the right place. Binance Solana AMA quiz will comprise 6 questions. You must complete the quiz without giving any incorrect answers to earn the reward.

Binance Solana AMA quiz is Binance’s brand-new quiz. By using our given answers, you will be able to successfully complete this quiz and you will receive your reward.

How to Participate in Binance Solana AMA Quiz?

To participate in the quiz and get rewards, your Binance account must be KYC-verified.

Binance Solana AMA Quiz Answers [100% Score]

  • Solve the quiz and Enter your Binance UID.
  • Users will share $1000 in SOL token vouchers.

Binance Solana AMA Quiz Answers

The questions are constantly updated on Lifefow. If a change is made to a quiz, we do our best to update the answers as soon as possible. If you see an outdated question or one with a wrong answer, please contact us via comment or email us.

Question 1: Which is closest to Solana’s actual TPS?

Quiz Correct Answer Arrow   Answer: 3,000

Question 2: What is NOT a technical feature that enables Solana to process faster transactions?

Quiz Correct Answer Arrow   Answer: Proof of Work

Question 3: What can you use SOL for?

Quiz Correct Answer Arrow   Answer: All of the above

Question 4: What is the average Solana transaction fee?

Quiz Correct Answer Arrow   Answer: $0.00025

Question 5: What is Saga?

Quiz Correct Answer Arrow   Answer: A crypto-friendly mobile phone that uses the Solana mobile stack

Question 6: Firedancer, a new Solana validator client being developed by Jump Crypto, can process how many TPS in a test environment?

Quiz Correct Answer Arrow   Answer: 1,200,000

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